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Reussinsel 46
6003 Luzern, Schweiz

Let's write the stories we would love to tell one day.

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Destination Wedding
Wedding Photographer

Weddings in Europe and beyond

Don’t we all, once we’re grey and old, just want to tell the most amazing, heart warming and honest stories? Don’t we all want to chase our wildest dreams and live the life we imagine? Don’t we all just want to be an inspiration for the people around us with doing what we really love and traveling the places where we feel most alive?

As a Wedding Photographer, I work with bold and THOUGHTFUL couples who find inspiration in places and people, in colors and words, who celebrate their love all over Europe (and beyond), who are not afraid to follow their dreams and who are adventurous souls just like me.
Get in touch today, I can’t wait to hear from you ❤️

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